project details
  • client N/A
  • date 2014
  • images by Yuya Yoshida

Evolution of the Brand of Ray-Ban

Find a dead, defunct or dying brand and revive it into a new life. The brand can be repositioned and expanded from where it presently sits, but it has to keep the core meaning of their brand soul.

I chose to rebrand the Ray-Ban known for being one of the top eye-wear brands, which has been producing only one item for over 75 years. I set up a futuristic situation in which the earth is contaminated by radiation, air pollution and ultra violet rays. Now, Ray-Ban has ventured outside of the fashion industry and has gone back to their original soul of “protection” to expand their values. I rebranded them as a company that provides “total protection” from our inner bodies, to our outer skins, to our local and greater environment. (*This project was made for educational purpose)